More than a showroom

More than a product and specification resource, Showroom By Bowens is a space created to share our knowledge and passion for premium architectural door hardware, fittings and fixtures. From product launches and technical training to industry events, Showroom By Bowens is a multi-purpose destination ready to inspire and entertain.

Bring your design to life


Under the guidance and hospitality of our professional team, Showroom By Bowens offers Architects, Designers, Builders and their clients a tailored personal experience, focusing on their specific project requirements. Our team is here to provide support and confidence throughout the selection and specification process.


Architects, Designers, Specifiers and Builders are invited to share our space with their own clients. With full access to our material and finishes library and backed by our technical knowledge, the Showroom By Bowens team is here to facilitate your project specification. We offer everything from design inspiration through to pricing, tenders, delivery and installation.

Product Innovation

From the research and development of innovative new products, systems, and technologies, to the technical training of our staff and customers alike, Showroom By Bowens is committed to delivering product innovation and advice to elevate any project.

Made to order

In collaboration with our dedicated fabrication partners, Showroom By Bowens is able to offer tailored solutions for special project requirements. From floor to ceiling, we provide architects, designers, specifiers and builders customisation to support any project.