Getting the Most Out of Your Hardwood Floor

So, you’ve made the decision to purchase beautiful timber flooring – well done! You will reap the rewards of this natural, durable and versatile material for a lifetime. And while timber flooring in itself is beautiful (raw, polished or painted), there are steps you can take to add more character and elegance to your interior space.


The most common way to lay out timber flooring is straight, with the hardwood boards placed parallel to one another. This approach creates a contemporary feel, a sense of depth and is the most inexpensive layout option. It’s also the safest when it comes to resale. For formal settings, consider parquetry patterns such as Herringbone, Haddon Hall or D’Arenberg.

D’arenberg is a castle located in Belgium where the flooring design took inspiration.


One of the most effective ways to highlight the natural warmth and beauty of hardwood timber is to contrast it against other natural materials and textures, such as stone or concrete. Folks tend to apply this design approach in wet rooms such as bathrooms, or multi-use, high traffic areas like the kitchen or family room.

Create a modern, luxurious space by balancing warm and cool materials like hardwood and concrete. Image sourced from

The Finishing Touches

There is no better way to boost the wow factor of your timber flooring than by adding decorative flooring details. Step-up the ‘understated elegance’ with a gold wood floor trim boarder or go one (big) step further and make a focal point of distinction with a wood and stone medallion inlay. The options are limitless.