The Advantage of Engineered Timber Flooring

When it comes to choosing the right timber flooring, we are confronted with a plethora of options.

Most renovators and homeowners will have some idea on what they’re after but more often than not their first choice isn’t always the best choice.

While ‘budget’ is usually a common place to start the decision-making process, other factors such as style, purpose (kitchen versus bathroom) and the build’s geological location must be considered.

One product that reduces the stress of choosing ticks all the boxes. It’s innovative, affordable, easy to install and stylish. We’re talking about Engineered Flooring of course.

Showroom by Bowens offers one of the most beautiful and innovative engineered flooring products available on the market.

Arbre is high-quality and versatile, made using genuine French Oak timber sourced only from sustainably managed forests.

This pedigree species of wood with its wire-brushed surface, natural timber features and gentle implications of age will give any room an undeniably timeless appearance that will look spectacular today and in a lifetime.

More benefits include:
• Available in a variety of classic and modern finishes to suit any style
• Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces
• Hardy against fluctuations in temperature and humidity
• 5G locking system means installation that’s significantly faster
• 4mm top lamella, super strong and can be re-sanded multiple times
• BONA® coating system; a world-class, non-toxic, hard wearing, scratch and fade resistant UV oil
• Compatible with underfloor heating / kitchen and bathroom environments
• Direct adhesive and floating installation options (refer to installation manual for full details)
• Suitable for Residential and Commercial builds
• Strict manufacturing processes ensures quality control, which results in a better-looking floor.

To see this product visit the Showroom or to learn more contact our consultants today.